Second Wind Solutions, LLC


About Us

Second Wind Solutions, LLC is a packaged service entity that offers to business owners, investors and/or board of directors the following consulting services:

1) Turnaround guidance and restructuring consultation,
2) On-going interim management services and decision making capability, and
3) Debt refinance/capital raise/formation services.

We invest ourselves deeply into your organization with the utmost intention of re-positioning your organization for long-term success.

We live in the risk environment and we are very comfortable helping you navigate through the uncertainty.

We collaborate with you (as business owner/investor/director) to provide for "boots on the ground" format (similar to the analogy of the US Marines parachuting into a volatile area to stabilize an unmanageable or crisis situation) which provides for immediate decision making, business strategy development, cash flow stabilization/management, day-to-day CEO/CFO management capability for a short-term horizon (3-18 months), typically coupled with financial re-capitalization. These service activities can be combined simultaneously in order to stabilize a financially and/or managerially distressed privately-held organization.

The ultimate expectation of Second Wind Solutions is to provide for long-term value preservation and enterprise sustainability. The intent of Second Wind Solutions is to provide an immediate "fix" to the distressed organization (as opposed to becoming a "fixture" at the client) and exiting the organization and leaving behind the necessary cash flow management tools, managerial/corporate governance structure, strategic vision and business plan execution mindset, and healthier balance sheet and financial capitalization structure for the enterprise.

Second Wind Solutions is designed "to work itself out of a job" by creating enough management and oversight stability and preserving and enhancing value of the troubled organization where it reaches a point of no longer being necessary to engage us for our services.