Second Wind Solutions, LLC





In our opinion and based on our experience, all 3 service areas are fundamental components to the long-term viability of your organization in a bundled or packaged service offering format.


Turnaround/Restructuring management advisory services

  • Day to day cash flow modeling (maintenance and forecasting)
  • Unsecured creditors and vendor stabilization
  • Re-establishment of secured creditor and bank credibility
  • Decrease stress on the business and employees


On-Going interim strategic management

  • Management team assessment
  • Restructure management
  • Align teams and business strategies
  • Establish realizable strategic business plan
  • Recommendations for survival, divestiture, and success strategies
  • Provide for sustainable and predictable improvements in profits and cash flows
  • On-going communication and decision making facilitation
  • M&A support, merger integration, business consolidation/divestiture


Capital raise and formation/debt refinance/restructure

  • Credit refinance
  • Equity/Mezzanine capital raise
  • Restructure existing debt
  • Business valuation (discounted cash flow and EBITDA multiple methodologies)